Holly Ransom

Our fearless leader is Holly Ransom- the by-product of mixing systems thinking and pragmatism together, and leaving it to bake in the Australian sun. Holly is renowned for generating innovative solutions to complex problems for corporations, governments and non-profit organisations, and for coaching and professionally mentoring leaders of all generations around the world.

Before she started Emergent, Holly’s corporate career has involved working as Chief of Staff to NAB Wealth Chief Executive and for Rio Tinto CEO Sam Walsh, leading key organisational strategy and business improvement initiatives and integrated corporate affairs projects. She also worked in a variety of leadership positions with more than twenty global non-profit organisations and (begrudgingly) completed a Law degree and BA (Economics). In 2014, the Australian Prime Minister appointed Holly to chair the G20 Youth Summit, resulting in the first summit to secure its policy demands from G20 leaders. Holly also co-authored the strategy paper on youth entrepreneurship and unemployment for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal agenda.

Emergent has worked with the likes of Microsoft, the Australian Institute of Sport, CPA, INPEX, Conoco Phillips, DFAT- and many more who you can see and read the feedback of here.

A globally renowned keynote speaker, Holly has presented across six continents, including delivering a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama and addressing the G20’s Central Bank Governors and Finance Ministers. She is also a popular contributor to a number of leading publications including The Australian Financial Review and the Huffington Post. She has featured on ABC’s ‘Q&A’, Reuters, Bloomberg Asia, Channel 7 News and Channel 10’s ‘The Project’, and is well-known for her commentary on intergenerational economic and social challenges.

A top-ten age group finisher in her most recent Ironman Endurance Triathlon, Holly was been named by JCI Australia as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year, by Westpac and the AFR as one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women, and was listed by Sir Richard Branson as one of his 6 dream dinner guests alongside Neil Armstrong and Desmond Tutu. A self-confessed sports nut, in 2016 Holly became the youngest ever woman appointed to the board of an AFL football club with her appointment as a Director of Port Adelaide Football Club and was also asked by the AFL to serve on their advisory Board for the launch of the AFL Women’s League. In 2017, Sir Richard Branson named Holly as his nomination to Wired Magazines 'Smart List' of future powerhouses to watch.