I want my team to grow

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”

We relish getting to work with teams who are looking to build their capability to lead change, drive results and create the most engaging work environment possible. Like with everything we do, we believe in working with our clients to understand exactly where you’re at, and exactly where it is you’d like to go.

There are three main ways your team or company can work with us:

  • Bespoke leadership development programs. These typically run for 3-12 sessions over the course of a calendar year, and in-person sessions are complemented by e-learning resources and follow up.

Our three most popular programs are

o   Leading Change

o   Developing Emerging Leaders

o   Core Capabilities of Engaged Leaders

o   Communicating for Results

  • One-off skill development workshops. These typically run for 90 minutes- 4 hours and focus on skill building in core areas that have a direct correlation to workplace engagement, effective leadership and bottom line results.

Our most popular workshop topics are:

o   Communicating for Influence

o   Establishing high-performance habits

o   Building an effective roadmap for change

o   Harnessing an intergenerational workforce

o   Leading an engaged team

  • Strategic facilitation. Of board strategy meetings, company offsites and team planning days. At Emergent we don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done, so our strategic facilitation is known for its uniqueness and the experiential learning experience we’ll work with clients to create alongside the conversation to shift mindsets and create the space for a really different conversation. If you want a different approach that’ll challenge thinking and help you go somewhere you’ve never gone before, you should get in touch.

Give us an overview of your training and development needs and one of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss how you can assist