Coffee Pod #54: With LBGTI Advocate and Pride Cup Co-Founder Jason Ball

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Jason Ball, the 2017 Young Australian of the year for Victoria. Jason's an LGBTI and mental health advocate and is the current candidate for the State of Higgins in the federal election.

In 2012 Jason came out as being gay. But coming and doing so only the second male Aussie Royals football player at any level to publicly come out in the national media. What snowballed from there was a movement that Jason has been in pursuit of ever since. A desire to want to transform both grass root sporting organizations in Australia and national sporting bodies into more inclusive environments for LGBTI Australians. Commodating in an organization Jason now runs called Pride Cup.

In this conversation we're gonna talk about the importance of creating inclusive and welcoming environments. The power of people's reactions when they hear information when people share their stories. And the significance of personal stories in changing hearts, minds and attitudes. If you're anything like me, they'll be multiple parts of this conversation that leave you reflecting for some time after you listen to it. I hope you really enjoy it.


Coffee Pod #53: Using Challenges & Tragedies To Your Advantage With Marine Corps Veteran Rob Jones

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His story is incredible and he has such an important message to share. So who's Rob? Rob was a combat engineer in the US Army when an IED blew up under his feet in Afghanistan and took both of his legs. He became a double above the knee amputee and he's gone on an incredible recovery journey that has seen him do everything from ride across America in the middle of winter to winning a bronze medal at the Paralympics, competing in the Invictus games which we recently hosted in Australia and running 31 marathons in 31 days, all to challenge the perception of what both returned service men and women and of what people with disabilities are capable of doing.

He has quite an incredible personal philosophy. I think you'll find his mantra and outlook on life really uplifting. And his approach to resiliency and how you, as he calls it, "use the weight," really inspiring and useful for things that you might be going through in your life.


Coffee Pod #52: Solving Problems & Transforming Businesses With 'Mr Fix It' Ron Gauci

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Ron has developed a reputation as a dynamic and inspirational transformation and business growth specialist having taken on some of the most difficult commercial and brand reputational challenges.

His ability to identify growth potential, re-energise culture and build profitable businesses has led to several high-profile turnarounds that have cemented this reputation. During a diverse executive career, he has assisted organisations to grow by adapting to change and disruptive competition across multiple industries and sectors. He works with organisations to identify their assets and leads them through a process of leveraging and monetising those assets resulting in significant revenue growth.

Coffee Pod #51: Turning Followers Into Leaders With David Marquet

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Student of leadership and organizational design, former nuclear submarine commander, Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller: Turn the Ship Around! And The Turn the Ship Around! Workbook, and one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018. 

David Marquet imagines a work place where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work–a place where everyone is a leader. 


Coffee Pod #50: The Art Of Human Perception With Globally renowned Dr Beau Lotto

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Dr Beau Lotto is a globally renowned Neuroscientist who studies the art of human perception. The Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits, the world’s first Neuro Design studio. Misfits is a team of scientists, designers and producers who discover the essential questions about the nature of uncertainty.

In this conversation we get into a whole ray of fascinating Neuroscientist topics, we talk bias, perception, the power of play, the notion of being wired for wonder and how everything begins from not knowing.


Coffee Pod #49: Investing & Running Businesses With Award Winning Financial Advisor Catherine Robson

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Catherine Robson is an accomplished entrepreneur and award winning financial adviser. She is the founder of successful financial service business Affinity Private and has over 20 years of experience advising sophisticated high net worth individuals and family groups. Catherine’s commitment to quality advice and strong alignment of interests with clients by eschewing all commissions, has earned her numerous awards including the Financial Planning Association’s Victorian CFP professional of the Year, AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award, Money Management Magazine Adviser of the Year and the Australian Private Banking Council’s Outstanding Investment Advisor of the Year.

Today we are talking all things Wealth, Money and Financial Advise. If you are someone that tends to shy away from money or wealth related conversations this is one to lean into but for all of you out there a really great refresher for whatever point you are coming to this conversation on.


Coffee Pod #48: Being The Change You Want To See With Pioneering Entrepreneur Annabelle Chauncy OAM

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Annabelle Chauncy OAM is the CEO and Founding Director of School for Life Foundation.

Annabelle is a dynamic leader and social entrepreneur who started a multi-national NGO at the age of 21, with operations in both Australia and Uganda.

Annabelle has overcome huge barriers including running two high performing businesses in different continents on exceptionally tight budgets, cultural and gender biases, shifting mindsets, driving change and innovation, engaging staff, building teams and raising capital. She now moves her business forward to focus on sustainability, driving innovative strategies to create businesses to underpin her charity's growing operational budget, and ensure the foundation isn't reliant solely on donations.

One of the youngest recipients of the Medal of the Order of Australia at just 27 years old, she is an inspiring and energetic speaker who can relate to audiences of all backgrounds and ages.

Annabelle will inspire and enlighten your team with her story and experiences of being a young social entrepreneur and businesswoman making huge change in the developing world.  


Coffee Pod #47: The Story Behind The #CelebratingWomen Movement With Leading Company Director & Author Dr Kirstin Ferguson

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Dr Kirstin Ferguson is a leading company director, author and sought after commentator on leadership, gender diversity and inclusion. Dr Ferguson is also the creator of the widely acclaimed global #CelebratingWomen campaign and author of Women Kind.

Dr Ferguson began her career after joining the military aged 17 and went on to become the Dux of her Air Force graduating class at the Australian Defence Force Academy. After being posted to an F-111 Squadron, she studied law and spent almost a decade in leadership roles in a corporate law firm. Dr Ferguson then went on to become CEO of a global consulting organisation before commencing her professional company director career.

In this chat we talk about all about how to raise your voice and advocate for what you believe in, how to build resilience, how it is that you can become a more inclusive leader that celebrates diversity and lives it in the way that you set up your team culture and structure and we are also going to follow the story of the lessons learnt from the incredibly powerful celebrating women campaign which turned into a global phenomenon.


Coffee Pod #46: The Future Of Work, Education & Leadership With Frances Valintine

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Introducing Frances Valintine. Frances is an educational futurist from New Zealand. Now, she's won a stack of awards for her education program. Notably, best startup in Asia Pacific as judged by Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak in 2014. She also won excellence in social innovation and a variety of influence and innovation awards.

In this conversation. We talk about how the notion of what it even means to be skilled in shifting. We talk about the realities of the modern day workplace and the challenges, but also the opportunity for leaders managing millennials to think about the way they shift their approach and the way that they transform their culture.


Coffee Pod #45: Technology Trends and Breaking Banks with Futurist Brett King

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Meet Brett King. Brett King is a futurist, an Amazon bestselling author, an award winning speaker and CEO of disruptive mobile bank Moven. Brett also hosts the world's most popular fintech podcast 'Breaking Banks'. In this podcast we chat disruptive future trends leaders need to be preparing themselves for, the challenge of transforming legacy systems and how to kickstart innovation. 


Coffee Pod #44: Lisa King Founder of Eat My Lunch. The Business Of Doing Good

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This week, we're heading to the land of the long white cloud. That's right, New Zealand, and our guest is the incredible social entrepreneur, Lisa King. Now, Lisa had a background for about 15 years in high-level marketing roles in fast-moving consumer goods type companies before she stumbled upon the statistics she just wasn't prepared to walk past, and that was data around how many young New Zealanders go to school each day without food in their stomach.

She decided that she was the person to do something about it, so she set up Eat My Lunch NZ, a social enterprise built on a one for one model where you buying your lunch as an individual or a corporation not only gives you your lunch, but it provides a lunch to someone from a low income school. It's gone gangbusters. Lisa's been named Person of the Influence in Business in 2016, in the community in 2017, one of the most prominent social entrepreneurs in the whole of New Zealand, and the scale with which this business is growing is extraordinary.

We're going to touch on not only how Lisa saw the need, but how they've built and responded to that extraordinary demand because that's been one of the biggest challenges they've faced. It's an amazing story and a truly remarkable woman telling it. Without further ado, here's Lisa King.

Coffee Pod #43: Canadian Powerhouse Vicki Saunders Founder of SheEO, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Mentor.

Meet Vicki Saunders. She is a Canadian powerhouse. She's an entrepreneur. She's an award-winning mentor. She's an advisor to the next generation of change makers, and a leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world.

As we'll touch on at length in the podcast, she's the founder of SheEO, a movement of radical generosity, this extraordinary global initiative that's aiming to radically transform how we support, finance and celebrate female entrepreneurs. We're going to delve into the extraordinary journey of how Vicki and her team arrived at this concept, how they've built momentum behind it, and the extraordinary impact they're achieving in the world at this moment.

Vicki's been named one of 30 world changing women in conscious business. She's been named by the World Economic Forum as a global leader of tomorrow, and is continually called out the extraordinary impact that she's having through business and empowering women worldwide. There are so many brilliant takeaways in this conversation, but it's also just such an inspiring concept and initiative, one of those people who saw the need and decided to continually and persistently chip away at it. Without further ado, here's Vicki.

Coffee Pod #42: Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs With Game Changing CEO Lisa Messenger

 Twitter:  @ LisaMessenger  Instagram: @lisamessenger

Twitter: @LisaMessenger

Instagram: @lisamessenger

Joining me this week is Lisa Messenger. The vibrant and game changing CEO of the Messenger Group and the Founder and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub magazine which was an entrepreneurial lifestyle magazine distributed into over 37 countries.

Lisa's authored and coauthored 16 books and become a real go-to in the startup scene. One of the things I love about this podcast is how vulnerable, real and raw Lisa is. Not only about her own life and the journey to build Collective Hub but also some of the more recent challenges she's found herself in.

It's a really great set of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, for people who are thinking about taking risks, for people who've got an idea that they're working on and also anyone who's interested in the journey of self discovery, for that matter. It's packed with a lot of honest reflection and I think you'll really thoroughly enjoy it. Without further ado, here's Lisa Messenger.

Coffee Pod #41: How To Drive Change Within A Large Organisation With ABC's Manager Kellie Riordan

 Twitter:  @ KellieRiordan

Twitter: @KellieRiordan

Kellie Riordan is a manager at the ABC and was one of the original trailblazers behind the podcast medium in Australia. She designed and developed some of the earliest content in this whole platform in Australia and now leads a lot of the product development in that space for the ABC working on content ideas, audio storytelling, digital strategy, you name it. Her story and experiences that she shares around how to drive change within a large organization, the art of influence, her reflections on the period of journalism she's been involved in and how communications fundamentally changed, let alone all the other tidbits that are thrown in, I can't tell you how much pragmatic advice is packed into this podcast. So, let's take it away. Here's Kellie Riordan 

Coffee Pod #40: Award-Winning Entrepreneur Adam Schwab Co-Founder & CEO of Luxury Escapes

 Website:  Twitter:   @ LuxGroup_CEO


Twitter:  @LuxGroup_CEO

Our guest this week is bringing an entrepreneurial flavour to the conversation, meet Adam Schwab. Adam is a Best-Selling Author and an Award Winning Entrepreneur and has built one of the most profitable E-commerce businesses in Australia. We are going to talk about how he managed in just 5 years with zero funding to grow a business to more than $350million turn over with more than 400 employees he has been top of the BRW rich list many times over, he has been on the BRW young rich list since 2014 and he has got a really pragmatic and reflective, considered opinion on how to do business and a critical lens to the world around him. You will learn a lot from this podcast and this is a really brilliant one particularly for anyone who is thinking about how to move from an idea to a concept to scaling something.   

Coffee Pod #39: Creating & Designing Solutions With Founder & CEO At Connections Australia Rinku Razdan

We're taking a social enterprise turn this week, and our guest is Rinku Razdan. Now, Rinku is quite a remarkable woman. She arrived in Australia with very few dollars next to her name, and as a single mother, but with a burning passion to make sure that her son had a world of opportunity before him. She's risen up the ranks of the Australian banking sector, become a very successful technology consultant, and has recently launched Connections Australia, which is a mobile application designed to connect migrants into logistic information that can help them successfully transition to life in Australia, connect them to community and help them really feel a sense of belonging and inclusion, and significantly provide them with access to work.

Rinku's got a really remarkable personal story, and she's a great example of a social change maker who's chosen to use their own experience to create and design a solution that can add value to an enormous number of people in society. I hope you really enjoy the conversation. Here's Rinku.

Coffee Pod #38: Spotify's Global Creative Director Alex Bodman Talks Social Ideas & Innovative Marketing.

Alex Bodman Creative Director at Spotify. Spotify is an extremely extraordinary company when you look at how quickly it is growing, with over 150 million users and Alex is in charge of creating the tool-kit for the brand globally allowing the vision of Spotify to scale across the globe. Since he joined the company in 2015 he has built an in-house creative team with over 30 people. Recognised by Ad Age A-list in 2018 as the in-house creative agency of the year. It has a really interesting background throughout advertising and a number of creative agency roles. We talk about the change in the way that we Communicate and Market, how’s that shifted and what does that mean we need to be aware of as Leaders and as Influences trying to reach audiences with our own message, how is it that we can be mindful in managing our own energy and what does it take to foster creativity both in ourselves and in the teams of people we lead. 

Coffee Pod #37: Building Cross-Culture Relationships With Melanie Brock

 Twitter:  @melanie_brock   Website:

Twitter: @melanie_brock


Our guest today is the wonderful Melanie Brock who first visited Japan in 1982 as a Rotary Exchange Student and has never looked back. She has had over two decades of experience in Japan and has developed an incredible array of contacts in the Corporate, Political, and Diplomatic sectors and she has played a pivotal role in strengthening Australia Japan relations. She is a member on the board of the Australia Japan Business Corporation Committee and is the Chair of the Australian Unity NZ of Chamber of Commerce in Japan. After serving as chair for 6+ years up until 2016.

Our conversation today is really going to focus on cross culture understanding, we are going to use Japan as a little micro cousin which to think about how we can do a better job of approaching situations where we are doing business or seeking to build understanding and relationships with people who are from a different background, a different culture than that of our own.

Coffee Pod #36: 'Redefining The Collar, Blue' With Blue-Collar CEO, Mandy Rennehan

  Twitter:   @MandyRennehan    Instagram: @Freshco_Inc

Twitter: @MandyRennehan

Instagram: @Freshco_Inc

Our guest is Mandy Rennehan. Mandy is known as the blue- collar CEO. She's an incredible Canadian who is entirely self-made. She left home towards the tiny town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at 18 with just a dirty hockey bag and an audacious dream. A passion as well, I should add, for woodworking. By 19, she founded, Freshco which is now Canada's number one full service reconstruction and retail maintenance provider working for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies: Nike, Apple, The Gap, you name it and Mandy's worked for them or is working for them right now.

At 24, she signed her first $5 million deal and she's just gone up and up and up since then. She won a range of awards including the 2017 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award. She's also been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and I could go on and on. She describes herself as a fun-long adventurer and a rule breaker and I think you're going to love her wicked sense of humour too. Here's Mandy Rennehan.

Coffee Pod #35: Leading & Living High Performance with Aussie Diamonds Coach Lisa Alexander

 Twitter:  @CoachLisaA

Twitter: @CoachLisaA

I'm really excited to introduce you to today's guest. Someone I'm personally an enormous fan of. We've got a sporting Coffee Pod for you today, and our guest is Lisa Alexander, the head coach of the Australian Diamonds. Now Lisa's taken the Diamonds to Commonwealth Games Championships, World Championships, the trophy cabinet is chockablock. She's got a reputation for her professionalism, drive, and innovative approach to coaching. So much so, that in 2015 she was awarded the Australian Coach of the Year title. Lisa is a much sought after thought leader in what it takes to create and to sustain a culture of high performance, and that's what we're going to delve into in this podcast. What does it take to make an extraordinary team culture? How is it that you deal with setback, and the weight and pressure of expectation? How do you give feedback that allows someone to transform their performance? That and so much more. I loved this conversation and I hope you do too. Here's Lisa.

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