Coffee Pod #53: Using Challenges & Tragedies To Your Advantage With Marine Corps Veteran Rob Jones

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His story is incredible and he has such an important message to share. So who's Rob? Rob was a combat engineer in the US Army when an IED blew up under his feet in Afghanistan and took both of his legs. He became a double above the knee amputee and he's gone on an incredible recovery journey that has seen him do everything from ride across America in the middle of winter to winning a bronze medal at the Paralympics, competing in the Invictus games which we recently hosted in Australia and running 31 marathons in 31 days, all to challenge the perception of what both returned service men and women and of what people with disabilities are capable of doing.

He has quite an incredible personal philosophy. I think you'll find his mantra and outlook on life really uplifting. And his approach to resiliency and how you, as he calls it, "use the weight," really inspiring and useful for things that you might be going through in your life.